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Shenzhen Astar Circuits Tech. Co., Ltd.

Add: Block B, XinBaoSheng BLD. 233# Xixiang Rd, BaoAn District, Shenzhen Province, China.

Tel: +86 755 8529 5616

Fax: +86 755 8529 5606

E-mail: Sales@astarpcb.com

Small/medium volume

Astar has been specializing in the research and manufacture of small/medium volume of PCBs and FPCs for over 15 years. The facilities, labors can totally match the small/medium volume orders.

We have an experienced management team with over 14 years in PCB manufacturing. Skilled staff, modern facilities, well operating quality and ERP system are the essentials to ensure the quality well and stable.

With the business growth and diversification of customers’ demand, we increased plant scale, added new production lines and staff. Now we also can accept some more mass production orders.

We continuously focus on customers’ demand and take any improvement accordingly. Our aims are to reach or exceed customers’ totally satisfaction in technology, quality, delivery and service.

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