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Shenzhen Astar Circuits Tech. Co., Ltd.

Add: Block B, XinBaoSheng BLD. 233# Xixiang Rd, BaoAn District, Shenzhen Province, China.

Tel: +86 755 8529 5616

Fax: +86 755 8529 5606

E-mail: Sales@astarpcb.com

Company Culture

To provide high-quality PCB and satisfied service to customers worldwide, assist customers create added value. 

To be the most reliable supplier of PCB industrial.  

Core Values:
Integrity & Cooperation
To be honest, trust and help each other.
Keep promise and take the responsibility
Achieve our own career on the platform of company
Serve company, contribute to society 

Innovation & Efficient
Never stop studying, continuously improving the skills and qualification, finish the work quickly and precisely.
Take the technology innovation and management innovation base on the customers’ requests, help customers to win the market. 

People-centric and Market-oriented
A company couldn’t be excellent without excellent employees.
We pay close attention to employees’ physical and mental health, help them to set up their professional career plan, do more targeted training and create more job opportunities. 
Market-oriented, provide customers with products and service that exceed their expectation.  

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