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Shenzhen Astar Circuits Tech. Co., Ltd.

Add: Block B, XinBaoSheng BLD. 233# Xixiang Rd, BaoAn District, Shenzhen Province, China.

Tel: +86 755 8529 5616

Fax: +86 755 8529 5606

E-mail: Sales@astarpcb.com

Why Astar ?
Astar is an experienced and energetic team to handle all oversea orders from our customers. We cherish each opportunity from our customers about new product or new technology and take them as a chance of our improvement.
Our strengths are as below:
1) Capability: 4000 types/month.
2) Technology: 1~30Layer(Rigid), special materials are widely used like ,FR4+Roger,metal material, PTFE, Arlon, Teflon, High Tg material. Blind & buried Hole, FPCB(1-8L).
3) On time delivery rate 96%, Quick Turn Prototypes 100% on time delivery.
4) Price system: With good quality, we provide reasonable price to our customers. It is our business core to build a mutual benefits trade.
5) Management: Managers with more than 14 years working experience in PCB Industrial. ERP system for on line WIP enquiry, storage tracking;
6) Packing: Offer the unique packing service as our customer requested.
FR-4 TG210